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The Astrient Foundation Joins the Google Grants Program

Saturday May 29, 2010 1:23 PM

The Astrient Foundation is proud to announce that we have been accepted to the Google Grants program. As a participant in the program, Google is providing the Foundation with up to $10,000 of advertising through Google’s Adwords program free of charge.

Adwords is Google’s premiere advertising product and the dominant platform in the online advertising market. Adwords will help the Foundation increase awareness of its programs and reach new potential donors and volunteers.

The Foundation thanks Google for the assistance that it is providing and plans to make the best of its participation in the Google Grants program.

For more information about the Google Grants program, visit

Second Annual Educational Outreach Spring Giving Event

Saturday April 10, 2010 11:36 PM

On April 10, 2010, the Astrient Foundation's Educational Outreach Program held its Second Annual Spring Giving Event. The Foundation donated large quantities of rice, chocolate products, cooking supplies, biscuits, toffees, hygiene products, noodles, and clothes to the Junior Girls' Correctional Centre, Shelter for Abused Children, and Boys Remand Home all located in Accra, Ghana. As a part of its Educational Outreach Program, the Astrient Foundation and its cadre of student volunteers currently teach and mentor the children, who reside at the three facilities. This donation was made possible thanks to generous contributions from volunteers and friends of the Astrient Foundation as well as from Astrient Foundation staff. Mrs. Georgina Mensah, the Acting Director of the institutions, expressed her appreciation to Astrient Foundation and its volunteers for their kind gesture.

In addition to the donation, the Astrient Foundation led a discussion with the children, which explored their ideal career goals. The children expressed interest in careers ranging from being footballers (soccer players) to becoming medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, and pastors. Likewise, student volunteers, in turn, shared their future aspirations with the children. And, if as by design, the children individually gravitated towards the student volunteers with whom they shared the same aspirations.

Following the presentations, the annual (soccer) match commenced. The children showed a lot of skills, fluidity and versatility on the ball. They also displayed good sportsmanship in this competitive, fun-filled match. The match ended 3:2 in favor of the children. It was a sweet victory for the children after they lost to the adults the by the same margin last year.

Astrient Foundation (Ghana) Partners with the College of Ama

Wednesday December 23, 2009 4:12 PM

The Astrient Foundation’s Ghana office partnered with the College for Ama (CofA) in their summer camp for girls from rural communities in Ghana. This year's summer program involved teaching and mentoring young girls from the Shama Ahanta area in Western Region of Ghana. The girls received instruction in the areas of English, computer science and creative arts.

The Astrient Foundation team was led by Monika Mould, Nii Anyertei Tettey, Kwei Quaye-Foli and Edmund Agbeve. Monika Mould and Edmund Agbeve provided educational and career counseling. Nii Anyertei taught the girls English. Edmund Agbeve led the girls through a three-day intensive training on calabash art. The girls drew beautiful designs on their calabash to the admiration of all present.

Through this partnership, the Astrient Foundation was able to provide the girls with training which would facilitate them obtaining summer income and/or employment after their final year of junior high school. The girls also expressed their appreciation to the instructors and promised to share what they learned with their friends and family when they returned to their communities.

Astrient Foundation Donates Items to the Junior Girls’ Correctional Centre, Shelter for Abused Children, and Boys Remand

Monday June 1, 2009 4:07 PM

On May 1, 2009, the Astrient Foundation donated bags of rice, crates of eggs, fruits, drinks, biscuits, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, sharpeners, soap, and clothes to the Junior Girls’ Correctional Centre, Shelter for Abused Children, and Boys Remand Home all located in Accra, Ghana. The Astrient Foundation currently conducts its Educational Outreach Program, in which volunteers teach and mentor the resident children, at all three facilities. This donation was made possible thanks to generous contributions from Astrient Foundation employees, volunteers and friends of the Astrient Foundation.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the children, Mrs. Georgina Mensah, the acting Head of the aforementioned institutions, expressed her appreciation to Astrient Foundation and its volunteers for their kind gesture. She was grateful that the Astrient Foundation remembered the children and came to spend the local holiday with them.

After presenting the items to the staff and children, the Astrient Foundation and its volunteers engaged the children in a variety of games. The climax included a football/soccer match between the children and the visiting team, which ended 3:2 in favor of the older team. It was a competitive, fun-filled match.

While Astrient Foundation employees and volunteers caught their breath after the match, the children had lunch. Lunch was followed by a movie and an interactive session afterwards to discuss the lessons presented in the movie. A few members of the Foundation and volunteers to mentor the children on tolerance, hardwork, and staying focused in the pursuit of their dreams.

As part of our Educational Outreach Program, the Astrient Foundation seeks to assist under-resourced institutions in their efforts to render social services to underprivileged youth. If you and/or your institution wish to assist us in this effort by volunteering and/or contributing resources and/or to find out more information about the Astrient Foundation’s programs, please email us at The Astrient Foundation is a U.S.-based, tax-exempt nonprofit organization that has a registered office in Ghana. All donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

The Astrient Foundation Welcomes New Board Member Ms. Nakeisha Sylver

Friday May 22, 2009 6:12 PM

The Astrient Foundation is pleased to announce that Nakeisha Sylver has joined its Board of Directors. Ms. Sylver graduate with honors of Howard Law School and will serve as the Board’s Secretary.

Ms. Sylver founded and directed the Leadership Resource and Development Center. She also served as Of Counsel to the litigation group at the law firm of Driscoll & Seltzer. In 2008, Ms. Sylver served as senior attorney in with the Advancement Project's Power and Democracy Group, litigating key voting rights cases and serving as an advocate for the interests of low income and minority voters.

Ms. Sylver is currently the Washington Policy Advocacy Officer for racial justice and human rights, for the National Council of Churches, and the United Church of Christ.

Education Outreach Program Volunteers Teach & Mentor Ghanaian Youth

Tuesday November 18, 2008 2:49 PM

Eight students from Ashesi University in Ghana have spent over 30 hours of their time educating and mentoring youth at the Shelter for Abused Children and the Boys Remand Home through the Astrient Foundation’s Educational Outreach Programme. The Foundation’s Educational Outreach Programme seeks to promote the spirit of volunteering and the involvement of young people in the betterment of their communities and the lives of other young people.

The Astrient Foundation volunteers taught English, mathematics, and entrepreneurial skills. They also participated in family tracing and Counseling for the Boys in the Remand Home. Although the volunteers were a little concerned about working with the boys in the remand home, their concern quickly dissipated. In fact, a few of the boys at the Boys Remand Home shared their experiences with the students. The volunteers took the opportunity to provide some counseling on anger management and in the end one of the boys agreed to give it a try.

Here is a testimonial from one of the volunteers, Akuba Agyemang, about her experience:

Working at the home exposed me to a lot of things that I used to take for granted. There were kids whose own parents had abused them and thrown them out of their homes. There were kids who had run away from home because they were being abused by relatives. These kids did not have the basic things that children need to grow up.

The service has opened my eyes to the need for education and a return to societal values and the havoc that family break ups are causing.

Through the Astrient Foundation, these children have been able to receive additional training that their current facilities have not been able to provide. To volunteer, contribute resources (such as food, clothing, bedding, educational material or currency) and/or found out more information about the Astrient Foundation’s Educational Outreach Program, please email or call +233-(0)28-953-718

Global Entrepreneurship Week-Nov. 17-23, 2008

Sunday November 16, 2008 10:17 PM

Global Entrepreneurship Week begins Nov 17th. Cities around the world (including the US and Ghana) will be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship week with a variety of activities to promote entrepreneurship, particularly among those under the age of 30. This week offers an opportunity to network from like-mind entrepreneurial spirits, learn from successful business owners and to participate in developing pro-entrepreneurship policies.

To find out about activities near you, check out

Astrient Foundation Expands Board of Directors with New Treasurer

Wednesday November 12, 2008 2:08 PM

The Astrient Foundation is pleased to announce that Hemant Sharma has been named as Treasurer. Hemant will manage the finances of the Foundation, oversee all fiscal matters, provide the annual budget, and ensure the development and review of financial policies and procedures.

Hemant has demonstrated a commitment to the public interest in his legal career. As the Assistant General Counsel at the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), Hemant manages broker liquidations, recovery for harmed customers of failed brokerages, oversees outside counsel, reviews complex customer claims and disputes, makes presentations to brokers, and assists in various corporate aspects of the institution.

Hemant is a Columbia Law School graduate and a Harlan Fiske Stone scholar. The Astrient Foundation is proud to welcome Hemant and confident that his talents will strengthen the Foundation as it continues to grow.

Astrient Foundation Announces Its 2008-2009 Fellowship and Scholar Award Recipients

Wednesday November 5, 2008 2:51 AM

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Astrient Foundation Fellowship and Scholar Award recipients for the 2008-2009 academic year. Please join us in congratulating our Fellowship Recipient, Nii Ayertei Tettey and our two Scholar Award recipients, Diamond Kpesese and Ernest Appiah.

Our newest Fellow-elect, Nii Ayertei Tettey, will engage in an 8-month Fellowship program with the Astrient Foundation in our Ghana office and will receive an $800 stipend.

Diamond Kpesese and Ernest Appiah, our two Scholar Award recipients will each receive $1000 to assist them in continuing their studies.

We thank all of the applicants for submitting very competitive applications. The selection committee members were very impressed with your submissions as a whole. We encourage you all to keep up the good work in school and to maintain your dedication to improving the world around you through social entrepreneurship.

Astrient Foundation Educational Outreach Program Teaches Computing to Junior High School Students in Ghana

Wednesday August 13, 2008 6:33 PM

Since May 26, 2008, Rawlings Sam, a Project Manager for the Astrient Foundation and a recent Computer Science graduate from Ashesi University College, has been providing hands-on computer technology instruction to middle school students in Ghana. Rawlings, who has an overwhelming passion for software and systems development, is now sharing his passion for technology with youth in the community of Accra, Ghana through the Astrient Foundation’s Educational Outreach Program.

Through the Astrient Foundation’s Educational Outreach Program, Rawlings is implementing the program in Ghana by providing instruction to students at Ordorkor "1" Junior High School (JHS) on Mondays and Wednesdays. The goal of this program is to transfer knowledge and expertise to students in economically disadvantaged communities. Through this program, which Rawlings designed, the Astrient Foundation exposes students to computer technology; thereby maximize their comprehension of technology and their learning potential. According to Rawlings, "in our increasingly global economy, it is important that students are exposed to a range of ideas, technology, and disciplines so that they can respond in creative ways to solving problems within their communities.

The Educational Outreach Program has been very well received by both students and faculty alike. Students are learning the basics of micro- computer applications and have assembled basic PC components. This is quite an accomplishment for many of these students as this program provided, for many, their very first interaction with a personal computer. It is clear that the students have really enjoyed the program. Several students have even expressed an interest in a computer-related career. Likewise, the school's administration has also found the program extremely helpful to the students. Mr. Michael Korletey, the headmaster of the Odorkor "1" Junior High School stated that "the ICT exposure given to the school children will definitely redefine a career interest for some of them."

The Astrient Foundation strives to promote the dissemination of technical expertise through the creation and support of community programs and projects with the goal of making a profound positive impact on our global society. If you would like to learn more about the Educational Outreach program, please contact Rawlings Sam via email at

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