The Astrient Foundation works to achieve its mission through several programs: the Astrient Fellowship Program, Astrient Scholar Award Program, the Women's Initiative, and the Educational Outreach Program.

To apply for the Astrient Fellowship or Scholar Award, register on our website by clicking the “Membership” link. After you have completed the registration process, go to the "organizer" section of your account and select "my forms" from the side menu. Next, select "start a form" to see the list of available forms. Find the form which corresponds to the program which you are interested in and select the "start this form" link at the bottom of the form description.

Fellowships and Scholarships

At the Astrient Foundation we believe in “Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” We do so by offering scholarships and fellowships to prospective or continuing college students through the Astrient Fellowship program and Astrient Scholar Award. Through these programs we hope to identify and nurture students who demonstrate acumen or potential in the areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship.

The Astrient Scholar Award is a cash award designed to help students who demonstrate acumen or potential in the areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship. In addition to having strong moral character and ethical integrity, Astrient Scholar Award recipients should posses an active interest in the application of technology and/or entrepreneurship to mitigate social problems. Each academic year, the Foundation’s selection committee selects up to four students as Astrient Scholars. The selection committee selects one to four students each academic year with one-half (1/2) of the award distributed in...

Educational Outreach Program

The Astrient Foundation Educational Outreach Program (AFEOP) seeks to promote the spirit of volunteering and the involvement of young people in the betterment of their communities. Students volunteer to tutor and mentor children who live in communities in which educational resources are often deficient.

For example, in Ghana, our student volunteers tutor and mentor children at the Department of Social Welfare’s Osu Remand Home for Boys and Girls, the Vocational School for Girls and the Shelter for Abused Children. The volunteers not only teach English, Mathematics, Science and Entrepreneurial skills but are also actively involved in the counseling and family tracing services the facility provides for the children. The Program has also benefited the volunteers themselves as their experience with these children has been an “eye opener” to the challenges that some young people endure in Ghana.

Student volunteers also have the opportunity to tutor adults the use of computer technology. These...

Women's Initiative

The Women's Initiative provides the opportunity for inter-generational connectivity and networking between women and acts as the oft-missing bridge needed to accelerate the growth of tomorrow’s female leaders. The Women's Initiative currently has two programs, which facilitate its mission: the Women's Forum and Mentorship Program.

Women's Forum

The Women's Forum is a component of the Women's Initiative, which strives to inspire and encourage the development of female leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with today's creative, inspiring and highly regarded female leaders. This inter-generational connection is accomplished through monthly forums that address a wide range of issues pertinent to the success of women. Guest panelists share advice, strategies and insight on issues such as character, ethics, balancing professional and personal life issues, starting and/or running a business, time management, investment strategies, financial planning and community services, among other topics. The...

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The Astrient Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to support the dissemination of technical knowledge and expertise in developing or economically disadvantage communities, the production of software applications which address concrete issues facing developing or economically disadvantaged communities, and aid students who demonstrate acumen or potential in areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship.

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