Women's Initiative

The Women's Initiative provides the opportunity for inter-generational connectivity and networking between women and acts as the oft-missing bridge needed to accelerate the growth of tomorrow’s female leaders. The Women's Initiative currently has two programs, which facilitate its mission: the Women's Forum and Mentorship Program.

Women's Forum

The Women's Forum is a component of the Women's Initiative, which strives to inspire and encourage the development of female leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with today's creative, inspiring and highly regarded female leaders. This inter-generational connection is accomplished through monthly forums that address a wide range of issues pertinent to the success of women. Guest panelists share advice, strategies and insight on issues such as character, ethics, balancing professional and personal life issues, starting and/or running a business, time management, investment strategies, financial planning and community services, among other topics. The Women's Forum also provides young women with a unique opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions about such topics from women who have successfully navigated some of the issues of concern to these young women.

Mentorship Program

Still in it’s infancy, the Mentorship Program of the Women's Initiative hopes to pair professional women with young women who have similar professional and/or personal interests. This program provides an opportunity for community service-minded professional women, who enjoy sharing their insight with younger women to build one-on-one relationships through a structured program. Program Coordinators are mindful of the time constraints placed upon professional women, which oftentimes prevent them from having the time seek out women to mentor. Thus, the Mentorship Program alleviates such legwork by carefully screening potential mentees and pairing them with mentors who seem to have complimentary interests and perspectives.

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