How you can help, Getting involved

You can help us make a difference by becoming a volunteer, serving as a judge on our scholarship or fellowship selection committee, or by making a tax-deductible donation.

Joining Our Selection Committee

As selection committee judge, you will use your professional experience and background to help us select the best candidates for our awards. Using our on-line tools, you will be able to review and rate applications, as well as discuss individual applications with other judges.

Making a Donation

Tax-deductible donations can be made through our website or by sending a check payable to the Astrient Foundation, PO Box 310575, Miami, FL 33231. Your full contribution (100 percent of your donation) will be used to fund Foundation activities and you may also indicate if you would like your donation to be used for a specific program.


Volunteers are the backbone of many non-profit organizations. Please see our career section for a list of open volunteer positions. If you are unable to find a position, feel free to send us an email with your skills and background telling us how you can help.

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The Astrient Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to support the dissemination of technical knowledge and expertise in developing or economically disadvantage communities, the production of software applications which address concrete issues facing developing or economically disadvantaged communities, and aid students who demonstrate acumen or potential in areas of social responsibility and entrepreneurship.

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